Swimming with and against the current

Water as Leverage (WaL) is an approach for worldwide urban climate resilience through water. It connects climate and water action finance at national and international level to local needs for innovative and integral infrastructure investment through an inclusive process.

The UN 2023 Water Conference (UNWC) from 22-24 March and the New York Water Week from 18-24 March were important milestones for Water as Leverage in looking back, celebrating its fifth anniversary, and looking ahead. WaL was initiated in 2018 by the Government of the Netherlands in an international multistakeholder partnership and is thus celebrating its fifth anniversary this year. Since then, WaL has acquired a proven track record in Southeast Asia and launched WaL Cartagena, its first initiative in Latin America.

In this newsletter Henk, Stephanie, Anjana, Krishna, Luis, Johanna, Linda and Robert share their experiences of WaL in New York and what it meant to them. The newsletter starts with a more general introduction by Sandra and Robert of the WaL programme in NY and plans to move forward.

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